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Distill Monitor – Get alerts for Prolific and more…

What’s this? You can get alerts when there are studies available to you on Prolific?

Well, yes and no.  Unless you want to pay, you’ll only get alerts when your computer is on, browser is open, & you’re connected to the internet.  If that all sounds good to you, read on…

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Prolific Academic – Help uni students & professors with their research.

Prolific Academic is one of my favourite “beer money” websites.  It’s my highest earner per time spent, and the studies (Prolific‘s name for surveys) are usually quite short & interesting.

Another great feature of Prolific is that you only get offered studies that you are eligible to take so you don’t spend any time just to get disqualified, like on other sites.

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Swagbucks is a website based in California, owned by Prodege LLC.

Users can earn points (called SwagBucks or SB) by doing a variety of online activities, including searching, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and discovering online content.  SB can then to redeem those points for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

I’ve been on Swagbucks since the beginning of April and cash out about £100 a month in Amazon giftcards.  I spend a maximum of 30 mins to 2 hours a day on Swagbucks in small increments, like 10 minutes here & there.

Have a look at the guide I put together for Swagbucks newbies.  It goes through almost everything you can do on the site and gives you an idea of what it will involve.

Newbies guide to Swagbucks

Screenshot/Featured image is of this page which is Swagbucks’ own version of an overview.

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Are these sites legit?

I started on the sites I use after reading about several different ones on, a website that I trust.  I did further research before I signed up to anything but ultimately decided that I would try and see what happened.

I will only recommend sites & apps that I have used myself and cashed out from successfully.