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Top 10 tips for Swago

augustswagoThere’s usually a Swago board each month.  You can find the current board by clicking here.

The board almost always has the same rules, and contains very similar squares to the previous one, so I’ve put together a list of tips to help you get the best out of your board.

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Want 300 bonus SB? It’s Hawaiian Luau Swago time!

Swagbucks is holding their monthly Swago promotion starting Monday, 28 August at 5 PM BST (9AM PDT).

It’s just like bingo, but in this case you’re filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online. If you’re thinking of trying Swagbucks, this is a great chance to learn all about how the site works and earn bonus points while doing it.

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Swagbucks: Quick Tip – Earn your 500 SB referral bonus

Swagbucks Quick Tip – Earn your 500 SB referral bonus

You signed up to Swagbucks using someone’s referral link. They said you’d get a 500 SB bonus but it hasn’t appeared…

Read this post to see how you can earn your bonus in your first month on Swagbucks.

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How much will I get when I cash out?

When you first start earning on GPT (Get Paid To, i.e. survey) sites, it can be confusing.  On some sites you accumulate points, other sites you’ll earn directly in GBP.

I’ve listed some of the most popular sites used in our Facebook group with details of how you earn on them, how much your earnings are worth in £’s, and what the minimum cashout amount is.

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