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When does the new day start on…

10221429-275734153_19-s4-v1We’re coming up to that time of the year, the clocks are going back and giving us all one extra hour of sleep.  YAY!

But, did you know, the clocks in America don’t change on the same days as ours do in the UK.  This means that for a few days the normal timings on our favourite sites won’t be as usual!

Read on to see the changes you need to remember.

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Thinking of earning on survey sites?  All your questions answered!

Survey sites can be a great way to boost your income but many people have doubts before they start.

I’m going to try and address some of the most commonly asked questions in this post.

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Track your cashouts for the 2017-18 tax year

Things to do before you start:

Sign in to Google.  You’ll be copying some documents to your Google Drive and it’s slightly simpler if you sign in first.

Please note:  Setup is easiest on a desktop.  If you’re using your mobile for the setup it gets much more complicated.

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Nothing is crediting! What should I do?

img_6129There are times when you try every single offer available and yet nothing works.  Nothing credits!

It can be frustrating, I know, I’ve been there.

Here are some things that have helped me.  Check that you’ve done everything on this list, then try again.

Note: I wrote this list about Swagbucks but it applies to most GPT sites.

Things to check:

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