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A complete guide to Prolific

Prolific?  What’s that?  How do I register?

Or,  I’ve signed up to Prolific.  Great, so now the studies will start rolling in & I’ll earn oodles of cash, right?  Well, not exactly…  There are several things you’ll have to do first to make sure that your account is set up correctly, before you’ll start getting any studies.

It’s not always that simple to know what needs to be done, so I’ve put together this “How to” guide & FAQ to help you know if you’re doing the right things. Have a read through and make sure you’ve checked everything off.

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Distill Monitor – Get alerts for Prolific and more…

What’s this? You can get alerts when there are studies available to you on Prolific?

Well, yes and no.  Unless you want to pay, you’ll only get alerts when your computer is on, browser is open, & you’re connected to the internet.  If that all sounds good to you, read on…

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Prolific Academic – Help uni students & professors with their research.

Prolific Academic is one of my favourite “beer money” websites.  It’s my highest earner per time spent, and the studies (Prolific‘s name for surveys) are usually quite short & interesting.

Another great feature of Prolific is that you only get offered studies that you are eligible to take so you don’t spend any time just to get disqualified, like on other sites.

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