Swagbucks: Quick Tip – Earn your 500 SB referral bonus

Swagbucks Quick Tip – Earn your 500 SB referral bonus

You signed up to Swagbucks using someone’s referral link. They said you’d get a 500 SB bonus but it hasn’t appeared…

Read this post to see how you can earn your bonus in your first month on Swagbucks.

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How can I get notifications when there is a UK Swag Code?

swagbucks_swag_code_photo_8-_2015-480x240-e1500469606812.jpgThere are several different ways in which you can get notifications for swag codes.

Unfortunately, the notifications that you can receive from the Swagbucks app are for the US codes not for the UK codes.  Therefore, you will have to get your notifications a different way.

This post will go through a few different ways you can get alerts for swag codes.

Although the post focuses on how to get UK codes, much of the information is relevant for users worldwide.

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Daily Goal and Bonuses – Swagbucks: What’s this?

If you’re new to Swagbucks, you’ll hear people talking about reaching their Daily Goal.  Your Daily Goal is a way for Swagbucks to encourage you to earn SB, and reward you for earning regularly.

If you reach your first goal every day in a month, you’ll get a bonus of 600 SB, or more, on top of what you’ve already earned!

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